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10 Dec The final box is finally ready
admin 0 440
I hope its look meets your expectations. I think the quality of the materials, assembly, machining and screen printing is excellent. Also, the delivery of all the cases has unfortunately been delayed ..
01 Feb Reservations for The Pool are now open
admin 0
Reservations for The Pool are now open ;)..
11 Apr Project The Pool
admin 0 15728
The Pool project is progressing Below, you will find some links to videos (with English subtitles) that will show you some important features of The Pool and an explanation of the Concept. ..
01 Mar Projects and manufacturing for 2021
admin 0 6289
Project and production for 2021 This year promises to be very complex. Between the pandemic and its terrible repercussions in the music world, and the shortage of semiconductors, projections are diffi..
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