Current or future users of The River, simply passionate, you communicate actively on the Web. The River is talked about in many communities :

135 pages, 250,000 views, more than 4000 messages !

180,000 views, more than 2000 messages ! has published a test of The River at the end of the year.

The River's at the top of the chart on analog polyphonic synthesizer

Theo from GreatSynthetizer wrote a very nice article/test with great sound examples.

The River has been present at the trade shows.

Each time, exceptional encounters and moments with the public. Baloran will only be present at Synrhfest 2020. Priority is given to the production and development of new products.

On January 1, 2020, 95 units of The River were assembled, 15 crossed the Atlantic, and 3 for Asia and the Middle East. The rest are on the old continent, rather to the North. Demand is still much greater than production capacity. A lot 4 of 50 or more instruments will be well assembled by 2020.

Thank you all, it's an honor and a pleasure to read you and meet you.