Project and production for 2021

This year promises to be very complex. Between the pandemic and its terrible repercussions in the music world, and the shortage of semiconductors, projections are difficult. I stayed under observation for some time actually without being able to communicate about the new batch.

The preparation of a batch implies that all the actors, all the components are present for a given date and at normal prices. This is not the case at the moment. So I'm unable to commit to dates, which I've always respected rather well. So I won't launch a new production of electronic boards for this year as long as the conditions are not better. So I can't commit to deliver n The River before the end of the year.

My decision is that this year, there will be a very small production of The River (10...15 instruments) that will be assembled  from the surplus that has been set aside for Lot 4. The choice of color will be very limited, both for the instruments and the wood side. They will therefore be offered for sale on web site after fabrication, without reservation. Should better conditions come back soon, I will inform directly the contacts on the waiting list.

Otherwise 2021 will also be the year of the birth of The Pool, an ambitious project, whose main information will be communicated at the end of March.   For the moment, you can still have a look at Baloran's Youtube channel.

Baloran Youtube Channel

The most important thing is that you stay safe. Be careful, I am too.